14 Best Corner Fireplace Ideas and Inspiration For Your Living Room

Corner Fireplace Ideas – Nowadays, there are various styles in molding the fireplaces, from contemporary with tidy geometric s shapes to the old ones made by stones. The option of the fireplace should primarily concern on the style of your house. Whether the style is contemporary, classic, village or rustic, the fireplace has to be a design to the existing parameter of space.

A fireplace is an architectural framework which is developed to hold a certain element, the fire. In modern times, fireplaces are commonly used for the motive of tranquility and relaxation. Somehow, in the ancient hours, they were used for practical living such as cooking and heating water to clean clothes and for other domestic purposes.

With the up-to-date technology machines, fireplaces are of no use, instead, they become a decorative design for a house. They are rather to beautify an area which is the main purpose of it nowadays.

The great part of a magnificent fireplace design is that, it becomes a center point for family gathering. The fireplace gives warmth and happiness inside the home, and is a best way to innovative design feature to your family place. Custom built fireplace designs are more found in traditional houses as they were necessary then for ventilation as well as heating purpose.

Somehow, fireplaces are barely found in modern houses. Nevertheless, ancient homes don’t have functional fireplaces anymore but still retained as feature design in the central room.
There are varieties of fascinating designs of a fireplace. And I would like to share these feature designs intended for various sizes and corners of your choice.

1. Corner Fireplace Ideas: And Art of Decorative Supremacy

contemporary fireplace
contemporary fireplace / http://russwittmann.com

Contemporary fireplaces have no huge difference when it comes to the appearance, but somehow are different from the medium they have used to manufacture. Furnish your fireplace with proper style displaying the extraordinary designs and place it exactly to the best location to keep it. This innovative fireplace idea is best for small areas. Therefore, it needs fewer rooms. The good thing also is that, it has decorative significance. At the same time, it displays stylish functionality and caters different range of budgets. But, you need to consider also these things like this design might be improper in large setting, can create visual mess up, and the styles are limited.

2. Corner Fireplace Stone Ideas: Gate SE

Corner Fireplace Stone Ideas
Corner Fireplace Stone Ideas / homesthetics.net

It is a contemporary living room and displays a stone fireplace situated along with a plain mantle. The great things about this design are that, the used materials are long-lasting. It also provides a unique design feature. It is very easy to position for the reason of lighter stone medium is used. Moreover, it is easy to clean without much effort. On the contrary, you may encounter these things when you pick this design. If a piece is broken, you have to replace it to fix it. Also, you need to fix it from time to time. And just to remind you, stones are costly so you need to spend much money.

3. Modern Corner Fireplace Ideas: Beachaus II

Modern Corner Fireplace Ideas
Modern Corner Fireplace Ideas / http://www.dreamcastdesign.com

A Vancouver living room area with a contemporary corner fireplace caters by this design. It displays a tidy feeling to the area. This design occupies up less room. Moreover, this can be positioned without chimney or vent. Likewise, various looking angles for fire, simple placing, and utilizes fuels that are harmless to use inside the house.

4. Corner Fireplace Design Ideas: San Francisco Living Room

Corner Fireplace Design Ideas
Corner Fireplace Design Ideas / phgcdn.com

The living room design displays a corner rock fireplace. Flattened on the floor is a glamorous carpet and the well-to-do coloring fused with the whole room. This design tenders a one-of-a-kind design feature. This can also be easily situated because of lighter stone materials used. Less effort in cleaning the place, if you choose this design.

5. Corner Fireplace Ideas: Contemporary Living Room

Corner Fireplace Ideas
Corner Fireplace Ideas / http://www.cpmpublishing.com

This is modern living room which has a corner stone fireplace. There is a vibrant tray on the ottoman which turns the decoration more attractive. Since stones are long-lasting, this design features everlasting element. However, stones are costly so you need to much money for this design. The beautiful design is all about contemporary, tidy lines. This would also contain luxurious design making it the best centerpiece for an accommodating area of entertainment. The balanced furnishing makes this place the center point of any room, doing it amazing centerpiece of a superb place.

6. Corner TV Fireplace Ideas: The Fiesta II

Corner TV Fireplace Ideas
Corner TV Fireplace Ideas / shanehomes.files.wordpress.com

This living room design has the stone fireplace with stones up to the ceiling. However, the surprising fact is, there is no mantle at all. Some features like the color of the stones is typically delicate the whole room and renders a unique feature, are to be considered when you choose this design. The functionality and uniqueness of this fireplace are undoubtedly it best features, and it will show magnificently into just any place.

7. Corner Fireplace Ideas: Traditional Family Room

Traditional Family Room With Fireplace
Traditional Family Room With Fireplace / http://www.connectorcountry.com

This corner fireplace design displays traditional family room which has colors, Sienna Sand, and a stone fireplace which gives a magnificent design feature. AT the same time, it uses light stone medium to be easily situated. The elevated fire itself creates cleaning so easy than the standards. And within reach, it runs amazingly to the platform with extra ordinary home décor.

8. Corner Fireplace Designs Ideas: Danish Revival Luxe

Corner Fireplace Designs Ideas
Corner Fireplace Designs Ideas / i.pinimg.com

In this corner fireplace design, there are different textures all around the stone fireplace which execute the unique look of the room. It is blending with the room’s flat walls. This design takes up less area, easy placing, and can have different views of the fireplace. This fireplace design is the best complement to any home designs. This is a forever design that will create any home feels like a lovely home.

9. Corner Brick Fireplace Ideas: United States Showcase

Corner Brick Fireplace Ideas
Corner Brick Fireplace Ideas / multiscreensite.com

In this corner fireplace design, there is an added curve in this stone fireplace. It is a bold and unique action as a maker of this design and the fireplace is slightly elevated which adds to the beauty of the place. Like other fireplace design, this design prefers stones which are light medium in a way. Because this design occupies a big part of the wall, it creates a relaxed and warm feeling. This is a best place for relaxing situated with firelight and good furnishing.

10. Corner Propane Fireplace Ideas: Villas of Colleyville

Corner Propane Fireplace Ideas
Corner Propane Fireplace Ideas / http://www.fionaandersenphotography.com

In this corner fireplace design, the room has a stone fireplace and is painted with really extravagant and sophisticated hue color. This design occupies less area, chimney or vent is optional, simple placing, and uses friendly fuels which are harmless to people. This fireplace works finest in a house with a huge, open floor area, giving the imagination of making two divided spaces. This is not a famous design, though small space area is very trendy as of now.

11. White Corner Fireplace Ideas: House 16

White Corner Fireplace Ideas
White Corner Fireplace Ideas / http://tjihome.com

In this corner fireplace design, the finishing and toning on this fireplace is pristine and incomparable. Just like the other designs, your choice to put chimney or not is not so important because you may or may not put, it would be alright. Though the only problem so far with this design is that, somehow hard to locate a place to situate with many doors and windows and at the same time, fireplace won’t grip as much wood could. The corner position is one of a kind design feature, making use of a leeway that typically is not center of the room. With a huge comfortable chair and modern designs, you can make a beautiful passage nook or space for work anyone could happy to have in their place.

12. Corner Fireplace Decor Ideas: Kinsman Signature Home

Corner Fireplace Decor Ideas
Corner Fireplace Decor Ideas / i.pinimg.com

In this corner fireplace design, the fireplace is designed with stones which are the center of attraction of this particular living room. The options would be, if the TV is off, the fireplace on. In this design, stones are used which are considered durable, so most of the designers choose stone as their main medium. But, a certain reason why this design is a bit risky is that if you break a piece of it, you need to replace it. For that reason, you need to repair every time.

13. Corner Fireplace Ideas: Modern Condo

corner stone fireplace
corner stone fireplace / i.pinimg.com

In this corner fireplace design, it offers a modern condo family room with a contemporary fireplace. It has sophisticated design lighting, classy rug, and chair. This design would have to take up less room for space. You can install it easily. You may or may not use chimney. But sometimes, this design can be inconvenient. This design would best do perfectly well dividing a living room from a closed patio, portraying the light and warmness of the temperature at night. The elegance of this fireplace is that it can be made suited for every need while tending attraction to its ambiance.

14. Corner Faux Fireplace Ideas: Needham Home

corner electric fireplace
corner fireplace ideas

In this corner fireplace design, the area has a corner fireplace of light stones which really is on center with the whole room and the arrangement of the furniture is superb. Likewise, this design uses stones are a medium. Also this design can be situated so easy. This design is a result of a combination of nature and man-made. This design is not so friendly, but whether you hate it or adore it, you will really love its style and design.

To conclude, a fireplace is a magnificent addition to a home. With new design features gaining fame, it’s no issue to find a fireplace that not only suits your budget but also blends flawlessly into your decoration. Of course, with a lot of designs to option from, it can be hard to know where to begin, so it’s significant to really assess your wants. In this way, you can be certain of creating a thing that will make you gay and keep you relax for years to come.

Not only does a modern fireplace instantly become a superb center point for any place, but with new improvement in energy supply, they have never been so costly. A lot of people are into option to go with direct-vent fireplaces, or have direct-vent inserts placed in their good fireplaces. These direct vents takes off the elements of a fire while maintaining heat and warmth. They are a superb, environment-friendly way to get the most out of your fireplace. The great part is they join with just about any design.

Corner fireplace is so much appealing as the regular one, but it is for small places, where there is no area for normal fireplace. That way you will save a leeway and your room will have wonderful and inviting ambience. It will be your center and most impressive room for you and for everyone.

Corner Fireplace Ideas

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