15 DIY Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Design Ideas For Indoor & Outdoor

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand – This MCM modern plant stand job started as an experiment. I wanted to inspect ‘gluing’ a laser released pattern into hardwood with Polycrylic rather than the added common Mod Podge strategy. At the start, I had different other suggestions for the last thing yet it quickly transformeded right into a finished mid-century styled plant stand with the innovative idea of consisting of some hard plastic wall mounts reduced to dimension for legs.

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Angie along with I such as the Mid Century design. Me, getting on the out of favor side, like the atomic MCM prints especially and I wished to locate an easy method to obtain a repeated atom pattern right into some wood. Patterns as well as repaint would definitely be also tough as well as time consuming. The concept is to release out an image with our black in addition to white printer as well as ‘adhesive’ it right into wood. Great deals of DIYers utilize Mod Podge to link paper on wood, nevertheless I have actually checked out that it could soften, transform yellow in extended sunshine as well as remain awful. Polycrylic is made use of to safeguard timber home furnishings, will definitely not yellow in time as well as dries to a smooth, tough surface.

DIY Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

So, the experiment begins. Keep in mind, I end up making 2 plant stands because of that the initial was ending up so well as well as I preferred far better photos of the procedure. The preliminary one was done absolutely out of order from this message given that the plant stand idea had not relate to us yet. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

There are great deals of MCM patterns readily available on the internet for procurement and also while I substitute much of them, I chose to gain my very own using the completely complimentary along with open resource Inkscape Vector Video program. It’s supplied for Windows, Mac along with Linux (I use the Linux variant; did I state I’m a little bit undesirable? ).

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Ideas

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand I will not clarify of simply exactly how I made the patterns as there all set made up tutorials and also youtube video to aid you begin if you’re not accustomed to the Inkscape software application. The first is an atomic pattern as well as the Second is a lines as well as dots pattern. There are PDF’s here which can be released on 8 1/2 ″ x 11 ″ (letter) paper or 8 1/2 ″ x 14 ″ (lawful) paper.

Mid Century Modern Wood Plant Stand

For the Polycrylic “gluing” procedure defined in this message, the pattern has to be released on a printer. We attempted this with Inkjet published paper in addition to it did not function. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

The boomerang form projects in addition to shows up normally in MCM design. In Inkscape, I made a boomerang type that fits on 8 1/2 ″ x 11 ″ paper, afterwards released as well as cutout the form making use as a format for minimizing the lumber. The location of the leg openings is similarly noted on the format.

Mid Century Modern Pedestal Plant Stand

The paper motif was intermediary as well as mapped into a scrap product of 3/4 ″ thick MDF. Now, the plant stand idea had not concern us yet as well as I was fortunate to have actually chosen the 3/4 ″ thick timber which is needed to hold the plastic wall surface place legs. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Oak Planter Stand

I lowered the form out with our bandsaw yet it ought to be feasible to quit with a scroll saw or jig saw. I had a little trouble reducing the rounded sides of the boomerang kind as well as discovered it handy to reduce straight lines from the outside (scrap) side into the boomerang side. Then, as I removed the kind, the small things would absolutely eliminate along with not scrub on the blade as the item was turned.MCM Plant Stand Reducing Traced Summary with bandsaw Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Planters

MCM Plant Stand Reducing Traced Rundown Completed CuttingWith the intermediary wound up, I used our hand sander with 80 grit sandpaper to clean up the cut side edge, after that 220 grit by hand to ravel the leading surface area and side. MDF isn’t actually my favored however, for this experiment I figured it would certainly be fantastic (and also cost-free due to the fact that it was scrap from a remodel work). I find that the little bits in MDF have the tendency to fall upon on the cut sides and leave small openings so hardwood putty was made use of to provide a smooth tidy side. You might more than likely remain free from the putty with an item of actual timber.

Mid Century Modern Window Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand As I talked about in the past, the plant stand concept came later on after I had in fact ended up the top of one timber item. Taking into consideration the ended up leading Angie specified “mean you utilize a plastic wall surface install to earn barrette legs?” DAZZLING! We held the finished leading next to a wall mount along with chosen the legs looked reliable regarding 5 ″ long. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Indoor Corner Plant Stand

I established 5 1/2 ″ (additional 1/2 ″ participates in the lumber) from the edge of a wall mount and minimized the plastic with a set of pliers. In the direction of the facility of pliers there’s usually a sharp side to allow decreasing. Then, I used this initial leg to keep in mind the staying wall surface install for the different other legs and lower them. The cut ends were penalizeded sand to get rid of any kind of sort of plastic burrs. One plant stand requires 2 plastic wall mounts for a trine legs. We selected white to match the black in addition to white pattern.

Mid Century Modern Rolling Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Making openings for the legs is the trickiest part of the job. I took into consideration piercing them individually yet rather chose making a jig from scrap hardwood. This helped to position the openings in the appropriate location and also preserve the precise very same angle on each collection. The jig isn’t really called for if you want upright (90 degree) openings for the legs or if you have a consistent exact hand to puncture tilted openings. If you want much more details on exactly how I made my jig, I produced a PDF with guidelines.

Mid Century Modern Small Plant Stand

With my openings considerable and pierce little bit deepness collection, I safeguarded the wood to the workbench as well as punctured the openings at roughly a 73 degree angle, quiting when the tape touched the piece.MCM Plant Stand Leg Boring Animated Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand On the first plant stand, I did 2 layers of brush on white overview in addition to one layer of semi-gloss white paint, penalizeding sand between each layer. For the Second, I took the really simple program and also utilized to cover the entire item as well as allow it completely dry over evening. Then I did a layer of on the side as well as base. There was a bit of black over spray on the white overview top as you could see below, however that’s ok. The published paper pattern (insurance claim that 3 times quickly) covers it fine.MCM Plant Stand Topped and also Paintinged

Mid Century Modern Vintage Plant Stand

I released my patterns on common white 8 1/2 ″ x 11 ″ paper on our black along with white printer. Inkjet printers may assist this yet I do not have one to assess it out. I’m uncertain if the inkjet published image would certainly hemorrhage when making use of the Polycrylic. The laser released photo is combined with warm right into the paper along with does not hemorrhage by any means. If you do not have a printer, you can have the pattern released at a local printing store on a printer. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Please publish a statement if you try this with an Inkjet printer, I wish to pay attention to the end results. Update Mar 28, 2017: for a future task we had actually a pattern published on a wide format (24 × 36) inkjet printer at a local printing shop and also checked an item of scrap gotten rid of from it. Unfortunately, it did not function well in any way. Ends up, paper for inkjet printers has an one-of-a-kind covering in order to aid the ink take in and also continue to be on the paper. This covering produced the Polycrylic to take in and exceptionally wrinkle/bubble the paper. So, this treatment will certainly simply manage a printer and also paper developed for printer.

Mid Century Modern Potted Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand I reduced the pattern with scissors in the form of the boomerang leading leaving concerning 1/2 ″ added. Then I held the pattern as well as timber item up to ensure that light would certainly emit with the paper. This helped to align the pattern on the wood.MCM Plant Stand Lining up Printed Pattern 1I used tension to the paper right around the outdoors side to crease it which aids to straighten the pattern on the Polycrylic. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Low Plant Stand

MCM Plant Stand Lining up Printed Pattern 2Next, I established the paper apart in addition to made use of a charitable layer of Polycrylic to the top of the timber boomerang. I establish the paper on the Polycrylic as well as corrected the pattern using my folds at the external side. After that I used a brayer roller to ravel the paper right into the lumber as well as remove any kind of kind of bubbles. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

You can additionally utilize a plastic paint scrape or old charge card to smooth it out, merely take care not to tear the damp paper.MCM Plant Stand Polycrylic AnimationWhen the paper was developed, I completely obtained the item and also tidied up the Polycrylic which had really radiated out the sides and utilized that excess to layer the side edge.MCM Plant Stand Polycrylic Side CleanupI allow it totally dry for a few hrs, after that it was time to remove the excess paper.

Mid Century Modern House Plant Stand

I placed the item pattern side down on a self-healing minimizing flooring covering and utilized a razor blade to really meticulously reduce the paper.MCM Plant Stand Pattern TrimmingMCM Plant Stand Pattern TrimmedWith the paper removed, I very carefully penalizeded sand the side. To get the best surface area, Polycrylic must be penalizeded sand in between layers. Next off, I used one more layer sidewards as well as the first layer along with the pattern. MCM Plant Stand Polycrylic Leading CoatI did 3 layers amount to on the top, fining sand exceptionally delicately between each. After the initial layer, the paper side was a little bit rough yet the light fining sand in addition to succeeding layers supply it a smooth yet sharp side.

Mid Century Modern Tripod Plang Stand

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand Lastly, the legs were affixed making use of E6000 adhesive. I pressed a percentage inside each leg opening as well as made use of a toothpick to smear it around. The legs fit well in each opening and also the undesirable that exhibited out was tidied up with a paper towel.MCM Plant Stand Glue Wall mount Legs 1MCM Plant Stand Glue Wall mount Legs 2To examine the safety of the legs after the adhesive was totally dry, I developed some weights on the plant stand. On carpeting, the stand had no fear with 20 added pounds of weight. On a smooth area like ceramic floor tile or wood, 10 extra pounds was limit before the legs started to slide outside, yet they held the weight. Rather challenging for some cost-effective plastic hangers!MCM Plant Stand with Weights

Mid Century Modern Retro Plant Stand

I would certainly mention the ‘experiment’ was a success! The plant stands look terrific, do not you think? Using Polycrylic to ‘adhesive’ and protected paper on hardwood operated exceptional as well as could be utilized for several various other jobs. What tasks would definitely you use them on? Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Vanessa from Horticulture In The Color shared a variety of superb tasks using our patterns. The very first task is along the same lines as our plant stand yet makes use of a clay pot. The numerous other consists of using the pattern in a sewing job!

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

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